Saturday, November 21, 2009

Filled with excitement about the coming week..

Well.. another week has come to an end. I always enjoy weekends because I get to relax after a long week of work. When I was in college I use to not like them because I had to always study on the weekends. I am so thankful those days over with.

I had a pretty good week. Nothing exciting happenend. Thursday night was great though. I went to the Christmas Spectaculor at Dauphin Way Baptist Church. The University of Mobile music department really is amazing! I had a great time.

Thanksgiving will be here soon. I am really looking forward to thanksgiving this year. I am going to meet my boyfriend's family. I have never meet them because he is from Georgia. I am a little nervous but filled with excitement all at the same time. David has been gone for a month so I am mostly excited about finally getting to see him. I don't think I like him being gone this long. This year really has gone by fast. It seems like yesterday it was just easter. Well, I better get to packing. I have a big week ahead of me..

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