Friday, June 5, 2009

What a crazy night at work...

So... Today is Friday!! I am so glad.. Last night at work I was going to start reading my book.Well, that didn't get to happen.. One of the teacher's could not get the VCR to work in his room.. I had to move him into another classroom.. First, I had to make sure that VCR worked and it did thankfully.. Well, then the teacher said the remote control did not work. Well, then I had to find batteries.. By the time I finally got back to my desk another problem came up.. Another classroom's computer was locked and you could not unlock it. So, I unpluged the computer and restarted the computer. That worked!

I say all of this to tell you that only one in a blue moon does things like this ever happen at work. Usually things are very quite, I can get my work done. Well, last night was not one of those night. A thunderstorm happened and I think that VCR that didn't work got struck by lightning or something. When I went in the room it was really loud like a plane going off.. Finally, I left work at 10:00.

This morning was my last class in Business and Technical Writing! I was so glad.. Now, I don't have to get up at 6:00 everyday. I am treating myself at Moka's (my favorite coffee shop). There is nothing like sitting in a coffee shop drinking a cup of coffee.. It just calms me.. I can't explain it.. Every time I drinking coffee though, sometimes it makes me think of my great grandmother. She was the one who in the middle school started me on coffee.. I will have to save the long story for another day..

Hope you all have a great weekend.. I will take pictures of the family reunion and post them on Monday.. Until then, enjoy your weekend..


  1. It started storming here around 1 this morning. The thunder was literally shaking the house. It woke me up! Then the power went off... uhg!
    And I'm jealous of your visit to the coffee shop!

  2. I enjoyed my time at the coffee shop.. I wish you could have been there with me. The power had went out at Grandma's house yesterday too. That's scary that it was shaking their light.