Monday, October 17, 2011

Thankful for all blessings in my life..

Well, this blog is going to be a two part blog. The first part will be about hard questions, one of the topics from my Ruth bible study and the last part will be about a guy named Matthew Hicks. I always save the best for last you know me.

I am enjoying my bible study on Ruth so far. I have learned so much in just a week of the study. One of the topics was about difficult discussions. Difficult discussions they have to happen but no one likes to have them. I think that they are important in any relationship. Whether it is a husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, sister.. I’ll be honest when I get in an argument with someone most of the time I shut down and it takes me a while till I say what I am thinking. It probably is a good thing, but at the same time I am keeping all that anger inside which is not good at all. When it comes to deep discussions, I think they are important for a relationship to grow. It makes you appreciate the other person more. Sometimes they may tell you something you don’t want to hear, but you’ll thank them one day. I know in my life I treasured that friend that told me things I hurt to hear. It saved me a lot of heartache in the long run.

I think as humans the reason that we don’t like to be honest with someone is fear. We are afraid of the response they will have once we are honest with them. If they are a true friend, they might be upset for a few days but they will come back before you know it. The friends that I have I would not trade them for anything. They have been by my side when I needed them. They were always honest and told the truth. Have those difficult talks, ask the hard questions. You will be so glad that you did in the long run. It will grow your relationship, it will help you understand the other person better.

Enough talking about serious stuff. As I promised in my last post, I will tell you a little bit about Matthew Hicks. Who is he? Why is he so important? Well, Matthew Hicks is who I am dating now. He makes me smile all the time. He is a true gentleman which is even better. He supports me in things that I do which is very important to me. He is one of my biggest fans. I am also proud of him as well though. He is tall, which is a good thing because it makes me feel safe and protected. I know that no one will try to get me when I am with Matt. He enjoys watching football. He’s not an Alabama fan but I told him that I won’t hold that against him. Did I tell he always is making me laugh? I think laughter is the best medicine and I have got plenty of it these past few weeks. I can’t wait to see what each tomorrow holds. Well, I am still not going to give it all away in this blog either. Some things are better left a mystery… Keeps you on your toes.

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