Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just taking one day at a time..

Most of the time I know what I want to blog about. But this week I know that I want to blog but I don’t really have a topic to talk about. So, I am just going to start typing and let my heart talk. These past few months have had their ups and downs. There have been tears and smiles, good times and bad times. I have come to the realization that things don’t always go as planned but there is a great plan that sometimes we cannot see.

I have learned in life that all you can do is live for today. You cannot bring back yesterday and you can’t see tomorrow. If we dwell on the past it’s not going to bring the past back to us as much as we want it to. The mistakes that we make in our life we just have to learn from them and move forward with life. A few weeks ago Pastor Ed made a statement that I will never forget. He said “When we worship a good thing as a God thing that’s a bad thing.” I can’t tell you how powerful that spoke to me. So many times in my life I have done this. I have gone through so many heartbreaks in my life. It has always been a joke at my house with my dating relationships. I would go on a date with a guy, two weeks later, I was telling dad that he’s the one day I just know it.

I have a big heart. I have always been the kind that when I am going to be your friend, most of the time you are my friend for life and I am going to do anything I can for you. When I love someone I truly give my whole heart. Is that I bad thing? Sometimes it can be, it can be dangerous when I do lose that person. I feel as if a big part of my life is missing. Every relationship that I have been in, I have learned something out of it. I always said that if I could take all the good traits of each guy I have ever dated. I would have one amazing man. But you know what ,there is one man who wants my whole heart and he is jealous for me.

That one man is Jesus. He loves me so much. His love for me is unfailing, unconditionally, faithful.. The list can go on. He never gives up on me and is always there. There have been times that I left him and he was always there with his loving arms to welcome me back home. He always promises that he will take care of me in the good times and bad. Sometimes I can’t see the big plan but my savior sees the master plan. He has a purpose for everything. It’s a day by day process. When I am having a down day or a day that I think God are you listening to me? He always reminds me that he is walking right beside me and I just need to trust that he knows what he is doing.

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