Monday, July 18, 2011

Trust, have faith, God's got this..

Well, it’s the start of a new week, full of ups and downs, full of happiness and maybe sadness. The truth is we don’t know what tomorrow holds for us. We just have to have faith that the Lord is never going to leave us and he knows what tomorrow holds. I have learned lately that nothing is for sure, things change, situations change. The one promise that I hold on to is that my Savior never changes, he’s mercies are new every morning, he is always with me, he loves me unconditionally, he wants me to count on him. He wants me to cast all my cares and worries at his feet. So many times in life we want to give him our worries, but then we just want to keep just a little piece of it. Why? I think I do it because I still want to feel like I am in control of the situation or maybe its fear of the unknown. It’s probably more of the fear of the unknown. If you read my last blog you will remember that I said I don’t like that big word CHANGE very much.

The other day I picked up the following book at the bookstore: So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore. I can’t put this book down. It’s a book that at this season in my life I really needed to read it. I am going to put some of quotes from her book that has really spoken to me:

“What does your own relational track record look like? Do you tend put a fair amount of pressure on some key relationships” –Beth Moore

“We can get away with thinking we’re secure people because, for a time, we have the important things just like we want them. But then change happens; and suddenly we are thrown for a severe emotional loop. We realize we weren’t secure.” – Beth Moore

“God knows exactly what happened and what a toll it took. He knows the number that it played on your mind. Let Him bring you peace. Let Him tell you you’re worth wanting, loving, even liking, pursuing, fighting for, and yes, beloved, keeping.” –Beth Moore

“Even when we know God is in the picture and every end leads to a new beginning, right at the moment of discovery, we tend to feel that everything wonderful is over.”- Beth Moore.

Those are just a few things that really spoke to me. In this life we have things that will catch us off guard. When life seemed like it was going just the way that it was supposed to, here comes something that you weren’t expecting. I know from experience in life that when the unexpected happens it’s not fun, it’s not easy, and it will take a while before you will be ok with everything. You just have to learn to trust even when you don’t understand. I think that saying “Trust even when you don’t understand” is what has got me through many things in life. Life is not always easy, it’s going to be rocky at times, but that’s when the only thing we can do is to completely give it to God. He knows what the future holds, his plans and ways are greater than ours. Believe me at times I struggle with that. Because when I have something that I know that God gave me and then he is going to take what he gave me away from me, I don’t handle that very well. I have to ask my Savior every day help me dear Lord to give it all to you, it’s in your hands now, and I can’t do anything to change it.

Satan will want to discourage and make us feel like nothing. He will tell us lies to bring us down. When that happens we just have to tell Satan to leave and ask God to continue to give you strength. When I write sometimes it’s therapy for me. I feel like if I write things down I can get things off my chest. God knows where I am and he meets me there. He holds me when I cry. I didn’t mean for this to be a long blog, I just started writing. Trust, have faith, know that there is a reason for everything.


  1. Beautifully written sweet girl.

    Auntie M

  2. Keep on Trust HIM. He have your best interest in His Heart. I like the song, "He wants it all". So true.