Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello, 2012...

Well, 2011 is gone and now it is 2012. I can’t believe it is here already. Where did all the time go? It feels like yesterday that I was posting a blog about the upcoming year of 2011. 2011 was full of joy, laughter, heartache, tears and trials. Through the difficult times I learned to trust in the Lord and know that he holds me in his arms and he knows what he is doing. There’s a country song by Martina McBride called “A little bit stronger.” When you love someone that you cared about so much, it takes time. It takes time till you finally are ok and are able to keep going on with your life. That’s enough about the sad parts that went on during 2011. The good things in 2011, I have some amazing friends. I don’t know what I would do without them. I know that I say that all the time but it’s the truth. They really are the best support team any girl could ask for. I have gained some new friends this past year that I am looking forward to spending more time with.

I was looking back a few years, to some of my old new year’s resolutions. These are just a few that I found: exercise more, to get a job in my field, a place of my own, to take one day at a time, not worry as much, to live life to the fullest, be a better friend, and learn to cook more. I can say that some of those goals I accomplished and some of them I didn’t. I have learned in life, you have to take one day at a time. You don’t know what the future holds. Most of the time, if you do try to make too many plans for the future, then when those plans are crushed you are left heartbroken.

I have started to read a new book regarding God’s will for your life. So far it has really opened my eyes to many things. Sometimes it is so much easier to say that you are going to do something then actually doing it. It reminds me of a story… There were 3 frogs sitting on a log, one decided to jump in. How many frogs were left on the log? Many would say 2, however, there were still 3 frogs sitting on the log. The reason is because that one frog that decided to jump in, he didn’t actually do it. In life so many times we go to church, listen to the sermon and really think it was a great sermon. However, we must apply it to our life.

This moment in my life there are some things that I say that I am going to do and I haven’t done it yet. I have many dreams for my life. What girl doesn’t right? I have dreams to one day having a job that I love, a husband, and a wonderful family. However, I don’t need to be dreaming about the future all the time. I need to give my dreams to the Lord, put them in his hands and not look back. So many times, I have laid my dreams down at the altar, only to pick them right back up. I know that in order to allow God to work in my life, I have to fully surrender. It’s not an easy thing to do. God calls us to follow him, to trust him and to serve him.

As this New Year starts, I am not going to make any new year’s resolutions. Why? Because most of the time I don’t accomplish any of them. This year, I want to just take one day at a time. Allow God to have full control of my life. I know that once I give it all to him, all those dreams that I thought that I just had to have; those dreams will not be so important to me anymore. We are called to be set apart, to be different and to serve him. I hope that you all have great New Year. Remember just take one day at a time.

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  1. I love you Savannah!! You are such a wonderful person -- thankful to call you my friend!!!! I love you
    Amy G!