Thursday, March 4, 2010

How Great is Our God!!

I know that the Lord answers prayers. He's time is always on time even though at times we may not think so. A few weeks ago, I accepted an accounting job. I will be working for a CPA firm!! I am so excited!! Back in November I interviewed with the firm twice, but did not receive the job. However, a position came open and they offered me the job. I will probably move to Baldwin county eventually!

I feel as if I am starting a new beginning! I have always liked change. It's when you have to trust the Lord! After searching an entire year for a job, there were times when I wondered if the Lord was listening to my cry. I know that he was. He was just waiting till just the right time. He knew that if he made it easy for me then I would not trust in him that he would give me all that I would ever need!

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  1. Congratulations sweetheart!! I hope the job is everything you deserve!! :)