Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tax season is finally over...

Well, at last I finally am getting my life back to normal. Today was the first saturday that I have been able to sleep in since January. It has been a long few months. Working till 6 every night and working 5 hours on saturday as well. I treated myself to a pedicure yesterday.. On my day off on monday, I have scheduled a one hour massage. I have been waiting for this time for some time now. I won't know what to do tuesday though when we get off at 5. I will have more time to clean my house more, spend more time with Logan and do things that I have missed doing these last months.

I am so thankful for Logan who has stayed with me through all of this. He is trully a blessing. He always makes me smile still and makes me laugh. He is such a hard worker. I trully am lucky to have such a great boyfriend.

My best friend Erin Dunn will be home soon. I am so excited!!! I can't wait to just catch up with her. Sit around and just talk and have some girl time. She has been gone way too long. I can't wait for her to meet Logan, even though she knew him before I did.

I am trully blessed. Last year this time, I probably wasn't as happy and greatful as I am today. Always remember to be thankful for everything that God has given you. He blessings are new every morning. Well, I'm going to stop blogging now because this weekend is all about rest and relaxation for Savannah.. I will talk to you soon!

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